Peer Consultancy Protocols

Empathetic listening and problem-solving are two social and emotional skills that educators frequently use. When staff use these skills to consult with their colleagues, they find ways to address challenges to schoolwide SEL implementation that everyone can act upon.

Protocols, as defined by the National School Reform Faculty (NSRF), are “structured processes and guidelines to promote meaningful, efficient communication, problem-solving, and learning. Protocols give time for active listening and reflection, and ensure that all voices in the group are heard and honored.”

CASEL’s version of the consultancy protocol provides one structure for discussing challenges that staff face.

  1. The protocol first asks staff to reflect deeply upon a challenge and then discuss that challenge with a group of their peers.
  2. Their peers then assist them in examining the challenge from multiple angles to help find a solution.

This and other protocols offer focused, structured ways to have important conversations and can be a helpful resource to use in meetings, professional learning communities, or one-on-one conversations.

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