Personalized Professional Learning Plans for SEL

As the SEL team works to develop a schoolwide professional learning plan, staff can choose to take it one step further and develop their own personalized professional learning plan to support the school’s SEL goals. This personalized plan can be used by individuals or small groups who have similar roles, interests, or goals.

Here, you’ll find a process to engage all staff to create personalized learning plans.

  1. During an all-staff meeting, share the school’s SEL vision and goals for schoolwide SEL.
  2. Then, ask individuals or small groups with similar roles, interests, or goals to consider the school’s vision and goals as they complete the tool below.
  3. Each individual or small group can use the tool to make plans to seek their own professional learning to help them contribute to the overall schoolwide plan.


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Creating a Professional Learning Plan

Use this tool individually or with small groups with similar roles to create action steps toward contributing to the achievement of the schoolwide SEL goals.

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