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Learning Together SEL Workshops

Delivered virtually.
Attendees can choose the live or on-demand series
Ask questions.
Connect with the CASEL team and other attendees
Guided action planning.
Prepare specific steps to take with your school community
All SEL leaders.
Beginning, intermediate, and advanced SEL expertise

Join a CASEL workshop to learn how to plan and sustain systemic SEL implementation throughout your school community. Leading Schoolwide SEL is available as a self-paced, on-demand course, or can be customized for your district’s needs.

Delivered virtually.
Our standard courses are self-paced and available any time. For customized courses, we offer live or pre-recorded facilitation.


Ask questions.
Connect with the CASEL team and other participants on discussion boards throughout the course and monthly drop-in conversations.


Guided action planning.
You’ll develop or refine a vision statement, specific goals, action steps, and an evaluation plan for SEL in your setting.


All SEL leaders.
Suitable for those with beginning, intermediate, and advanced SEL expertise working in schools, districts, or other organizations.

Is Leading Schoolwide SEL the right course for you?

✔ You are leading schoolwide SEL implementation in a PreK-12 school setting. (School principal, assistant principal, school administrator, school SEL team member)

✔ You are leading SEL in a district setting. (Specialist, coach, coordinator supporting school leaders and teams. Download our group facilitation recommendations if you are supporting school leaders with SEL).

✔ You are interested in leading schoolwide SEL implementation.

✔ You are using the CASEL Guide to Schoolwide SEL and seeking additional support.

The Leading Schoolwide SEL course is best for those preparing to or currently leading SEL implementation.

An Introduction to SEL

CASEL’s free, self-paced online course can be completed in less than an hour. It is for staff members, parents and caregivers, and community partners looking to learn about SEL. This course includes:

  • Application Activities—Reflective activities help you imagine ways you can (and already do!) apply social and emotional skills to support young people.
  • Facilitation Guide—This course can be taken individually, but it is even better with a group! Use the downloadable guide to lead a group through this course.
  • Next Steps—This course is a first step. At the end, you’ll find discussion guides to help continue conversations and links to learn more.
  • Certificate of completion—You’ll earn a downloadable certificate that will be saved to your account.

This introductory course works well as foundational learning for all staff and can help recruit an SEL leadership team to experience Leading Schoolwide SEL together.

Enroll now in English or Spanish

What will you learn with Leading Schoolwide SEL?

Leading Schoolwide SEL offers practical strategies to bring back to your community, alongside a downloadable workbook that includes activities, discussion questions, and action steps that will provide a record of your work and help you facilitate a collaborative process to develop a vision, goals, and action steps with your school community.

At the conclusion of the course, you will come away with tools and templates you can use to structure professional learning, monitor implementation, and guide discussion and continuous improvement with your team and stakeholders.

Course Syllabus

Chapter 1 – Establish a Shared Understanding of Schoolwide SEL

Explore the five core competencies and four key settings for SEL, then learn how SEL can be systemically integrated into all parts of the school day with the help of tools for introducing and discussing SEL with your school community. 

What you’ll accomplish:

  • Complete a survey to better understand where you are now with systemic, schoolwide SEL.
  • Reflect on current strengths and areas for growth related to the 10 indicators of schoolwide SEL.

Chapter 2 – Build Foundational Support and Start to Plan

Learn about the first steps in implementing SEL: building a team, developing a shared vision, and assessing your current SEL implementation so you can set clear, measurable goals and design an action plan.

What you’ll accomplish:

  • Plan next steps for building or strengthening an SEL team.
  • Begin assessing SEL implementation with the schoolwide SEL rubric.
  • Draft a vision statement for SEL.

Chapter 3 – Strengthening SEL for Adults

Hear about how CASEL’s partner school districts experienced firsthand the importance of supporting the social and emotional growth of adults, fostering a trusting, collaborative work environment, and modeling social and emotional competencies in adult spaces and relationships. Learn about some of CASEL’s favorite resources for introducing SEL to your community and embedding SEL practices into your meetings and professional learning.

What you’ll accomplish:

  • Prepare a plan for foundational learning for the adults in your school community.
  • Identify strategies for strengthening collaboration and partnership with families and caregivers.
  • Draft a specific and measurable goal for adult SEL.

Chapter 4 – Promote SEL for Students

Explore ways to promote SEL in all the spaces students inhabit throughout the day: the classroom, the school, community organizations, and the home. You’ll discover how SEL supports equity in school and how evidence-based SEL programs fit into the full picture of systemic, schoolwide SEL.

What you’ll accomplish:

  • Identify your selection criteria and/or next steps related to the use of an evidence-based SEL program.
  • Reflect on ways SEL is currently taught, is part of school climate and culture, or is integrated into school practices and instruction.
  • Draft a specific and measurable goal for student SEL.

Chapter 5 – Implement Your Plan

In this final chapter, you’ll forecast how you’ll implement, continuously improve, and sustain SEL implementation over time and build on your SEL goals to identify action steps and a plan to use data to monitor progress. You’ll come away with clear protocols for reflecting on data and inviting your community to participate.

What you’ll accomplish:

  • Review what you have accomplished so far in the course and distill major themes and next areas for growth.
  • Determine what data you’ll need to measure progress toward your SEL goals.
  • Draft a goal-driven action plan for SEL implementation.

What are past Leading Schoolwide SEL participants saying?

“Cannot recommend the CASEL workshop enough! The steps and resources for implementing schoolwide SEL were concrete, actionable, data-driven, equitable, and able to be applied to all schools – no matter where they are in their SEL journey. To make the complicated and overwhelming process of implementing schoolwide SEL feel manageable is no small feat, but CASEL has done it!”

“Any school in any country worldwide planning to implement SEL will benefit.”

“I have been studying the resources provided with the CASEL Schoolwide SEL guide independently, but the training really served to solidify my understanding. It gave the me the opportunity to reflect and plan as well as gain the confidence to implement the plan and advocate for SEL in both my school and district.”

“In the ever-busy space that is education, this series invites us to pause and hold space for ourselves, our schools, and our communities as we reflect on our audacious ambitions for SEL: Where are we today? Where do we want to be? Through the productive reflections and visioning curated through this series, we have the opportunity to start the work in the now and start where we are.”

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Leading Schoolwide SEL (on-demand)

Any individual or team can register for our standard self-paced course, begin when it’s most convenient, and stop and start as needed

The course takes 12 to 15 hours to complete and is available in English or Spanish (videos are in English with Spanish subtitles). We recommend you meet with team members to collaborate on discussion questions and priority action steps described at the end of each of five chapters.

Those who complete the course will receive a certificate of completion. Graduate level extension credit is available for an additional cost through the University of San Diego.

How is the on-demand workshop offered?

– Set your own pace: Decide how you want to complete each of the five chapters and what time of year/time of day works best for you or your team. Course access is for 32 weeks, and you choose your starting date when you register.

– Access video presentations led by CASEL: Our experts will share guidance and their experiences supporting and learning from school district partners.

– Post on discussion boards: You can share ideas and ask questions of the CASEL team and other participants, and respond to ideas from others.

– Download the workbook: It contains prompts and activities to record your thinking and progress, share with your leadership team, and guide your school community through the SEL action planning process.

Cost: $250 per participant, or $200 per participant if registering a team of 4 or more.


Register Now


If you are a school district or regional leader or coach supporting multiple school teams through this course, download our group facilitation recommendations and consider whether a customized version would best meet your needs.

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Leading Schoolwide SEL (customized for your district)

If your district or organization is considering enrolling 50 or more participants in this course, connect with CASEL about developing a customized version of Leading Schoolwide SEL. Options for a customized course include:

– On-demand, in-person, or live virtual facilitation 

– Private, CASEL-moderated discussion boards to strengthen cross-campus relationships, communication, and collaboration for high-quality SEL implementation

– Alignment with local frameworks, goals, and connections to your existing resources to demonstrate how SEL is part of your district’s or organization’s broad strategy of improvement

The option to include additional requirements to earn a certificate of completion, such as submitting a survey or document

– Consultation from CASEL for district specialists/coaches of multiple schools, to aid in preparing for cross-campus learning communities, school visits, or check-ins

– Data reports on participant progress, engagement, priorities, and growth

Click below to contact CASEL for a quote for Leading Schoolwide SEL (customized):


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If you have any questions about CASEL workshops, please email

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