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Learning Together SEL Workshops

Join our Leading Schoolwide SEL: Preparing for the Journey Ahead workshop series on social and emotional learning to help you plan, sustain, and continuously improve systemic SEL implementation throughout your school community.

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Live Virtual Series

On-demand Course

Delivered virtually.
Attendees can choose the live or on-demand series
Ask questions.
Connect with the CASEL team and other attendees
Guided action planning.
Prepare specific steps to take with your school community
All SEL leaders.
Beginning, intermediate, and advanced SEL expertise

Delivered virtually.
Attendees can join the live or on-demand series


Ask questions.
Connect with the CASEL team and other attendees


Guided action planning.
Prepare specific steps to take with your school community


All SEL leaders.
Beginning, intermediate, and advanced SEL expertise

This professional learning experience was instrumental in our SEL team’s ability to translate research into practice when it comes to strategic planning and systemic SEL implementation. 

-Winter 2022 workshop participant

One of the most user-friendly online learning experiences I’ve had to date.

-On-demand course participant

Is Leading Schoolwide SEL the right course for you?

✔ You are leading SEL implementation in a PreK-12 school setting. Roles may include: school principal, assistant principal, school administrator, school SEL team member.

✔ You are leading SEL in a district setting. Roles may include: specialist, coach, or coordinator who supports school leaders and teams with implementation. Download our group facilitation recommendations if you are supporting school leaders with SEL.

✔ You are interested in leading schoolwide SEL implementation.

✔ You are using the CASEL Guide to Schoolwide SEL and seeking additional support.

The Leading Schoolwide SEL course is best for those preparing to or currently leading SEL implementation.  If you’re looking for an introduction to SEL, try these free resources first:

  • Introduction to Social and Emotional Learning— This one hour, virtual learning experience includes reflection prompts, videos, and application activities designed to introduce SEL to a broad audience— for staff members, parents and caregivers, and community partners alike. Anyone can take the course independently, and a facilitation guide is included to prepare SEL leaders who would like to facilitate the experience with a group.
  • Social and Emotional Learning: An Introduction— These editable presentation slides provide an overview of what SEL is, why it’s important, and the process for schoolwide SEL. Talking points and activity instructions are provided in the notes section. Also available in Spanish.
  • Social and Emotional Learning 101—In this pre-recorded webinar, participants will learn from CASEL’s Vice President of Practice and Programs, Melissa Schlinger, who presents CASEL’s SEL framework (known as the “wheel”), including the core competencies and key settings of SEL, and how SEL can support other priorities.

What will you learn with Leading Schoolwide SEL?

You’ll gain the necessary expertise to lead an intentional, collaborative process in your school that promotes academic, social, and emotional learning. The strategies will help you engage adults, support students, and create equitable learning environments.

After attending this series, you should be able to:

  • Educate others on CASEL’s Theory of Action in service of equity and excellence, including what quality SEL in a school looks like (Read more: 10 indicators of schoolwide SEL).
  • Develop and apply strategies to promote SEL for your students.
  • Provide adults in your school with strategies to strengthen adult SEL competencies and capacity.
  • Assess your current SEL implementation, resources, and needs.
  • Create goals and a plan for implementing and sustaining schoolwide SEL.



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Live Virtual Series - Summer 2023

We recommend attending the live series if you appreciate live interaction and a set, biweekly pace when engaging in professional learning. All four sessions are facilitated live via Zoom webinar.

Registration is now open for summer 2023.

Click here to register for the live virtual series!

How are the live virtual sessions offered?

The workshop takes place in a series of four live webinars. If you are signed up for the summer 2023 series, the dates are:

    • Session 1: August 1
    • Session 2: August 15
    • Session 3: August 29
    • Session 4: September 12


Each two-hour session is facilitated live via Zoom from 3-5 p.m. Eastern. Participants will be able to join breakout discussions, ask questions, and use an online hub to connect with other participants and the CASEL team. At the end of each webinar, facilitators recommend priority actions to complete before the next session.

Tip: Register with a team from your school or district, and schedule time with your team to meet on weeks between sessions.

Cost: $250 per participant, or $200 per participant if registering a team of 4 or more.

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On-demand Series - Available now

You can begin the on-demand course at the time of year that works for you, and stop and start sessions at any time. We recommend the on-demand option if you need more flexibility in your schedule to complete the course. Take the course at your own pace and easily revisit course content at any time.

Click here to register for the on-demand course!

How is the on-demand workshop offered?

Set your own pace: Decide how you want to complete each of the five chapters and what time of year/time of day works best for you or your team. Course access is for 16 weeks.

Access video presentations led by CASEL: Our experts will share guidance and their experiences supporting and learning from school district partners.

Engage in interactive discussion boards: You can share ideas and ask questions of the CASEL team and other participants.

Download the workbook: It contains prompts and activities to record your thinking and progress, share with your leadership team, and guide your school community through the SEL action planning process.

Cost: $250 per participant, or $200 per participant if registering a team of 4 or more.

If you are a school district or regional leader supporting school teams with SEL implementation, download our group facilitation recommendations.  Contact with questions about large group registration and customization options.


Overview — Leading Schoolwide SEL: Preparing for the Journey Ahead

The workshop offers practical strategies to bring back to your community. Whether you attend our virtual series live or on-demand, suggested actions between sessions will provide a record of your work and help you and your leadership team facilitate a collaborative process to develop a vision, goals, and action steps with your school community.

TOPIC 1 – Establish a shared understanding of systemic SEL

You will engage in an interactive exploration of CASEL’s framework for SEL, the four focus areas for systemic SEL implementation, and the 10 indicators of schoolwide SEL. You will determine where you are starting from and unpack immediate priority actions.

TOPIC 2: Strengthen adult SEL

You will explore tangible strategies that support adults in cultivating their own social emotional learning through intentional self-reflection, deep community learning, and modeling SEL across contexts.


TOPIC 3: Promote SEL for students

You will examine strategies for actively engaging students in learning and practicing social and emotional competencies across classrooms and school environments, and in partnership with families and communities. This part of the course also focuses on creating the conditions for student learning, including relationship-building and supportive learning environments.

TOPIC 4: Putting it all together: Implementing your plan

You will explore tools and resources for collecting data you can use to track progress toward your SEL goals, draft action steps and an aligned evaluation plan, and develop strategies for engaging the full school community (staff, families, and students) in learning from data.


Hear from Past Participants

“Cannot recommend the CASEL workshop enough! The steps and resources for implementing schoolwide SEL were concrete, actionable, data-driven, equitable, and able to be applied to all schools – no matter where they are in their SEL journey. To make the complicated and overwhelming process of implementing schoolwide SEL feel manageable is no small feat, but CASEL has done it!”

“A wealth of valuable information put into practice for you. You decide what you want to do next and how to roll it out. Great resources!”

“Any school in any country worldwide planning to implement SEL will benefit.”

“I have been studying the resources provided with the CASEL Schoolwide SEL guide independently, but the training really served to solidify my understanding. It gave the me the opportunity to reflect and plan as well as gain the confidence to implement the plan and advocate for SEL in both my school and district.”

“These sessions were so smartly organized and facilitated. Thank you for ensuring that our time was maximized and adult learning principles were utilized.”

“This workshop really helped me develop a more comprehensive understanding of the aspects of and ways to implement school wide SEL. I learned both helpful background information as well as very practical and accessible steps to get started with this important work!”

“In the ever-busy space that is education, this series invites us to pause and hold space for ourselves, our schools, and our communities as we reflect on our audacious ambitions for SEL: Where are we today? Where do we want to be? Through the productive reflections and visioning curated through this series, we have the opportunity to start the work in the now and start where we are.”



If you have any questions about this workshop series, please email

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