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CASEL Schoolwide SEL Walkthrough Protocol

Observe indicators of schoolwide SEL to support continuous improvement of implementation.

The Schoolwide SEL Walkthrough Protocol is a tool for observing, measuring, and tracking implementation according to CASEL’s indicators of schoolwide SEL. School-based SEL teams can use data from the SEL Walk to set implementation goals, reflect on and track progress, and develop or adjust action plans. To support continuous improvement efforts, the SEL Walk helps users identify evidence of schoolwide SEL across classroom and school settings.  You can view or download the tool below.

Tool Download

CASEL Schoolwide SEL Walkthrough Protocol (PDF Version)

Look for signs of high-quality implementation by using this printable tool to observe the indicators of schoolwide SEL


CASEL, in partnership with Learning Sciences International (LSI), has also created a digital version of the Schoolwide SEL Walkthrough Protocol. LSI is one of the foremost authorities on walk metrics and the developer of the nation’s leading-edge technology for capturing walk data with powerful reporting and data security.

Click here to be taken to LSI’s webpage to learn more about the digital walkthrough tool.

Tool Download

CASEL Sitewide SEL Walkthrough Protocol (OST)

Use this version of the walkthrough protocol when working closely with out-of-school time partners to observe for indicators of sitewide SEL.




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