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Focus Area 1B

Create an Action Plan for SEL Implementation

Develop clear goals and a robust action plan that leads you toward your SEL vision.

How do we get from where we are now to where we want to be?

After you’ve established a clear understanding of where you are now (using the rubric) and where you’ve been (using the inventory), you can begin to develop a plan to get you to where you want to go (your vision). Your school’s action plan is guided by your current strengths and needs and provides measurable goals and clear steps for making progress toward your shared vision. The action plan helps keep the SEL team focused and driven and is revisited during every meeting for efforts of continuous improvement.

Set goals

It’s important to begin your action plan by setting clear goals that ensure your vision translates into outcomes that can be measured and achieved. You can think of each school year’s goals as pit stops along the journey to reaching your long-term vision. Strong goals will help you make strategic decisions about what actions you’ll need to take each year to lead you toward your vision. Tracking your progress toward these goals will also help your team quickly adjust course if necessary.

Watch our video demonstration and use the tool below to get started:

Develop Goals for Schoolwide SEL

This tool helps SEL teams develop short-term (one-year) goals for schoolwide SEL implementation and outcomes.


Determine action steps and how you will evaluate progress

Next, you’ll want to plan the specific steps you’ll take this year to achieve your short-term goals. A clear action plan helps every member of the school understand exactly what they will do to support schoolwide SEL implementation. After developing an action plan, make sure to share it with all stakeholders for feedback and provide regular updates throughout the year on the progress you’re making (See Two-Way Communication in Focus Area 1A).

Your SEL team will also want to review and update the plan throughout the year to ensure you’re doing what you said you’d do and make real-time pivots when needed. Some questions for the team when planning how to evaluate your SEL efforts towards goals:

  • What type of data will we be collecting during the year that will track our progress from the beginning to the end of the year? Climate surveys? Student responses? Teacher and staff surveys?
  • Who will be in charge of administering surveys/data collection?
  • How often will our SEL team meet to engage in data reflection?

Use the interactive Schoolwide SEL Planner to track your action steps, dates, and responsible parties. The tool below will also help you prepare SEL Team Meeting Agendas that help your team monitor action steps and progress toward goals.

Preparing SEL Team Meeting Agendas

This tool provides recommendations, samples, and a template for preparing agendas for SEL team meetings throughout the school year. Strong meeting agendas are inclusive of all team members, are grounded in your school’s core SEL implementation goals, and consistently draw upon data to drive continuous improvement.

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