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Focus Area 1A

Build Foundational Support

Build foundational support by establishing an SEL team, fostering SEL awareness, and developing a shared vision.

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Focus Area 1B

Create a Plan

Assess needs and resources to develop an SEL implementation plan with clear goals, action steps, and assigned ownership.

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Focus Area 2

Strengthen Adult SEL

Cultivate a community of adults who engage in their own social and emotional learning, collaborate on strategies for promoting SEL, and model SEL throughout the school.

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Focus Area 3

Promote SEL for Students

Develop a coordinated approach for supporting students’ social and emotional learning across the school, classrooms, homes, and communities.

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Focus Area 4

Practice Continuous Improvement

Establish a structured, ongoing process to collect, reflect on, and use implementation and outcome data to inform school-level decisions and drive improvements to SEL implementation.

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