Where to start?

Choose the option that best describes you:

I’m a school leader or part of a school leadership team that’s just beginning schoolwide SEL implementation.

If you’re just beginning but committed to SEL implementation, we recommend you begin at Focus Area 1A to set a strong foundation for the work.

I’m a school leader or part of a school leadership team that’s been implementing SEL and seeking to deepen implementation.

If you’re looking for ways to deepen SEL implementation, we recommend you use the Rubric to track your progress, and set priorities based on your needs and resources.

I’m a teacher, counselor, or school staff member who is curious about schoolwide SEL implementation.

Schoolwide SEL implementation takes a committed school leader and a dedicated team. SEL champions like yourself can help kick off the process! If you haven’t already, we recommend you view the How it Works page and read Focus Area 1A to familiarize yourself with the basic components of schoolwide SEL. Then, talk with your school leader or team to get them involved. You may find helpful resources for this discussion in the Foundational Learning section of Focus Area 1A.

I’m partnering to build systemic SEL that extends beyond the school day (community partner, OST provider, etc.).

If you’re looking for ways to apply a systemic SEL approach in collaboration with out-of-school time (OST) partners, we recommend you begin by reviewing the indicators of sitewide SEL, using the rubric on the OST tools page to track your progress and set priorities, or visiting Focus Area 3: Community Partnerships for guidance on partnering directly with schools to align language, strategies, and communication around SEL.

I have explored the Guide to Schoolwide SEL and I’m looking for more support in implementing this work.

We are now offering a virtual workshop series, Leading Schoolwide SEL, to support you in planning, sustaining, and continuously improving SEL implementation throughout your school community.  Visit our workshop page to learn more about the series and how to register.

Indicators of Schoolwide SEL

Schoolwide SEL requires a systemic approach and is evidenced by ten indicators.

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Needs and Resources Inventory

Reflect on what your school is already doing and what you need to improve upon each indicator of schoolwide SEL.

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