Before launching an SEL action plan, it’s important to take stock of what is going on across your school and previous SEL-related efforts. Build on your strengths and learn from members of your school community who have seen many initiatives come and go by honoring and reflecting on the work that has come before.

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Key Resources

What to Read

Review SEL Initiatives, Needs, and Resources

Answer the questions “Where have we been?” and “Where are we now?” so you can honor and build on the SEL work that is in place now or happened in the past.
(3 min. read)

Featured School Guide Tools

Schoolwide SEL Program and Initiative Inventory

Includes an interview protocol to gather information about past and present SEL-related work and guidance for analyzing information from interviews or surveys
(10 min. read)

Schoolwide SEL Implementation Rubric

Use this now and at the end of the year to review your school’s progress toward full-scale SEL implementation.
(20 min. read)

Rubric Meeting Template

A sample agenda for working through the rubric as a team
(7 min. read)

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