Decisions about why and how to implement SEL should be made with the input of the broader school community.  Lay the foundations for strong buy-in by ensuring all understand what SEL is and how it connects to their role and what they value.  Establish two-way communication structures to invite perspectives, ideas, and feedback from staff, students, families, and partners as SEL action planning and implementation progresses.

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Key Resources

What to Read

Engage All Stakeholders in Foundational Learning

Key considerations for planning early SEL learning experiences for your broader school community
(7 min. read)

Establish Structures for Two-way Communication

Begin here to develop or refine your strategy to keep all stakeholders informed, engaged, and excited about SEL implementation.
(2 min. read)

What to Watch

What is social and emotional learning?
Watch Video
What is social and emotional learning?
SEL 101: What are the core competencies and key settings?
Watch Video
SEL 101: What are the core competencies and key settings?

Featured School Guide Tools

Plan SEL Foundational Learning for the School Community

Prepare a broad plan and access resources to support foundational learning about SEL
(5 min. read)

SEL 101

Download this interactive Powerpoint presentation to introduce SEL to staff, families, and community partners. Talking points and activity instructions are provided in the notes section. Also available in Spanish
(20 min. read)

Create an SEL Communication Strategy

Create a differentiated plan to reach stakeholders both to share important information and to bring in their perspectives and ideas to improve SEL implementation over time
(7 min. read)

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