With clear goals in place, determine what data you’ll need to collect throughout the year to measure progress and continuously improve your implementation plan.  Consider these questions when planning how to evaluate your SEL efforts:

  • What type of data will help us understand if we are making progress toward our goals? 
  • Who will be in charge of administering surveys/data collection?
  • How often will we meet to engage in data reflection?
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Key Resources

What to Read

Create an Action Plan for SEL Implementation

Outlines the process of setting goals, determining action steps that will move your school toward those goals, and planning how you’ll evaluate your progress during the year
(3 min. read)

Track Your School’s Progress Toward Implementing Schoolwide SEL

Three tools to help monitor and reflect on progress toward schoolwide SEL
(1 min. read)

What to Watch

Continuous Improvement for Social and Emotional Learning: Establishing Your Goals
Watch Video
Continuous Improvement for Social and Emotional Learning: Establishing Your Goals
The Impact of SEL
Watch Video
The Impact of SEL

Featured School Guide Tools

Data Sources to Assess SEL Implementation and Outcomes

Consider what kind of data you will need and find data sources you can use to assess progress toward your SEL goals.
(15 min. read)

Establish Norms for Data-Informed Conversations

Ways for facilitators to establish a space for productive collaboration and recommended norms to ensure that the conversation is inclusive of all voices and results in concrete next steps
(6 min. read)

Key Responsibilities of a Data Lead

This team member will take the lead on planning and maintaining a schedule of data collection and reflection throughout the year, preparing data to share, and facilitating group discussion and analysis of data.
(2 min. read)

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