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Out-of-School Time Tools

Partnering to build SEL within and beyond the school day

The power of SEL is magnified when it extends beyond the school and into other settings where young people learn, play, and live. The resources below have been adapted from the CASEL Guide to Schoolwide SEL in order to harness the power that all educators – in addition to those formally employed by schools – have to promote aligned, systemic social and emotional learning.

The resources below supplement the content throughout the CASEL School Guide main pages. These tools mirror the original CASEL School Guide versions, but have been reworked with a broader lens to include other stakeholders beyond traditional school teams, particularly out-of-school time (OST) providers and community partners.

We recommend you begin by reviewing the definition and indicators of sitewide SEL to reflect on your current work and target your exploration of these tools.


FOCUS AREA 1A – Build Foundational Support

SEL Team

Foundational Learning

Two-Way Communication

FOCUS AREA 1B – Create a Plan

Shared Vision

Needs and Resource Assessment

Action Plan


FOCUS AREA 2 – Strengthen Adult SEL

FOCUS AREA 3 – Promote SEL for Students



Family Partnerships

Community Partnerships

FOCUS AREA 4 – Practice Continuous Improvement

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